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Stächelin – the breath-taking natural stone showroom

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Our showroom says more than 1000 words…

On over 2000 square metres, our amazed customers see visions become reality.

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Our breath-taking natural stone gallery – the only one of its kind in Germany – at our headquarters in Efringen-Kirchen (Lörrach district, ten kilometres from Basle) mesmerises visitors with an impressive array of top designs.

Beauty carved in stone: granite, quartzite and marble in uncompromising quality; processed by Stächelin; simply perfect. Visit our natural stone gallery in Efringen-Kirchen (Lörrach district) in the Germany/France/Switzerland tri-border region.

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Immerse yourself in our unique natural stone showroom and be inspired and seduced by our artistic creations.

Stones are an undisputed miracle of nature. In our gallery, you will experience how their originality, beauty and elegance come into their own in an incomparable way through masterly processing.

We present the most beautiful natural stones in bathrooms, kitchens and living areas. Visit our unique showroom, just outside Basle.

You can see a picture gallery of our showroom here

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