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Natural stone processing at the highest level

Staechelin Granit Marmorwerk Wasserstrahlmaschine

Incomparable and unique – Stächelin’s expert knowledge meets the customer’s every desire. We deliver premium work with a very high level of craftsmanship. We put everything into our work, with creativity, care and extraordinary commitment.

In our natural stone processing, the traditional craft of natural stone refinement and the latest technology go hand in hand at the very highest level.

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Our decades of experience in handling the finest natural stones are an unrivalled seal of quality in the sector.

Our production facility at the company headquarters in Efringen-Kirchen (Lörrach district, near Basle) is just as breath-taking as our gallery and the magnificent natural stone warehouse.

High-tech computer-controlled machinery tailored especially to the optimal processing of natural stone guarantees the perfect, ideal final product.

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Our production facilities are characterised by the latest technology. This includes fully-automatic, CAD-supported sawing equipment.

What does that mean? CAD stands for ‘computer-aided design’. Almost all CAD applications now use 3D.

Put simply: The sawing equipment cuts the desired shape from the stone to perfection.

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Further outstanding work comes from an extremely high-performance water jet cutter, which cuts the stone with 4000 bar of water pressure.

Stächelin’s high-tech machine park also includes further CNC-controlled processing robots such as two edging robots (5 axles) and a fully-automatic processing line.

CNC (computer numerical control) machines are machine tools which use modern control technology, allowing them to produce natural stones with greater precision automatically, even for complex shapes.

When you visit our natural stone gallery, take a look through the glass at our production facility. You’ll be amazed.

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