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Stächelin – the company philosophy

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We live for the fascination of natural stone. But it is not only natural stone that is important to us, but also respect and care when dealing with this impressive natural material.

People are important to us; people who appreciate and love stylish living in all its shining variations. Stächelin; expertise in natural stone.

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Our customers’ satisfaction gives us the strength to give our very best at all times. Your satisfaction is our top priority and the driving force behind our craft.

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From planning to implementation and completion, we put everything we have into achieving perfection. For us, perfection is not the same as elitism; our family company has always been very down to earth.

Anyone who cannot resist the fascination of natural stone is welcome here. We deal with our customers, suppliers and staff with appreciation and high regard.

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Where would our stone manufacture be without our staff? They are the foundation upon which the company is built. Together with them, we are open to new business challenges, pursue sustainable, long-term goals and represent enduring values.

Uwe Stächelin, Yvette Rathberger-Stächelin and the team

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