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Stächelin – the company

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Our expertise in natural stone has history. The company was founded in Eimeldingen in 1964 by master concrete maker Edelbert Stächelin. His pioneering spirit and tireless innovative drive were the crucial driving forces behind this success story in stone.

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Today headquartered in Efringen-Kirchen in Lörrach district near Basle, the Stächelin granite and marble factory remains a purely family business.

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Since 1999, it has been led by the descendants of the company’s founder, Uwe Stächelin, carver and master stonemason, and his sister Yvette Rathberger-Stächelin, trained bank clerk, as CEOs. Graduate engineer Roland Stächelin provides consultancy on technical issues.

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The Stächelin company has concentrated on the material of natural stone for almost half a century. We try to continue this tradition while being innovative too. We provide all the services (planning, processing and installation) essential for implementing a defined concept perfectly. Today, we are one Germany’s top addresses when it comes to exclusive natural stone work.

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Be inspired by our world of stone and visit an extraordinary showroom in the tri-border region Germany, Switzerland and France!

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