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Stächelin – the world of stones

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Stächelin makes dreams come true. Stones that entrance us today, enliven our senses as granite, quartzite or marble, were growing in nature millions of years ago.

The most famous quarries, in which marble has been mined for 200 years, are located in north-west Tuscany, in the Alpi di Apuani, in the region in and around Carrara.

In the modern age, as transport routes have been expanded, the provenance of these stones is no longer limited to the Carrara area. New deposits of granite, quartzite and marble have been found all over the world in recent decades. Premium products are extracted from quarries in Brazil, India, the USA, Canada, Africa and Australia.

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We at Stächelin maintain close personal relationships with the key natural stone companies both in Europe and overseas.

These tradition-based, friendly relationships with experts allow us to travel to mining areas in person to purchase raw material and to work together with our supplier partners on site to make the best choices and select the best batches.

We value this direct import very highly. We maintain far-reaching business relationships with the two stone handling points in Verona and Carrara, Italy.

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CEO Uwe Stächelin is exclusively responsible for purchasing our fine stones. He ensures that the raw stones meet the very highest quality standards, for the good of our customers.

Stächelin’s warehouse/range stands out thanks to its impressive variety of around 250 different natural stones. Stächelin’s range and quality of quartzites, predominantly mined in Brazil as “white and beige quartzite”, is unmatched in Germany.

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Visit our extraordinary natural stone gallery in the Germany/France/Switzerland tri-border region in Efringen-Kirchen, Lörrach district (Baden-Wuerttemberg).

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