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Staircases which hold the promise of natural stone

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Outdoor staircases, stairways, gradations or spiral staircases are particularly magnificent examples of how exquisite granites, quartzites and marbles can be used to conjure the desired mood or to make architectural statements.

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Just as with all beautiful items made from granite, quartzite or marble, solid planning is the first step towards success in natural stone staircases, too. After all, the construction as a whole, its structural engineering calculation and the dimensions all need to be integrated into the design.

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Our services include sampling different materials from all renowned countries of origin, constructive and static consultancy and producing a planning picture of the work on-screen for appraisal.

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Practised and careful execution is then pure Stächelin expertise. You can see it at every turn.

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In our natural stone gallery, we display innovative design concepts, implemented perfectly. When are you coming to see for yourself? We’re looking forward to your visit!

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