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Halls and lobbies; the detail makes the difference

Stächelin Objekte Badenova Lörrach-15

Natural stones have always played an important role in representative and entrance areas, lobbies and halls.

Stächelin works closely together with the building contractors and the architects commissioned to create impressive interior designs for banks, hotels, office complexes, department stores and boutiques.

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In the project planning phase in particular, it is a good idea to call on our expertise early on, as this allows new ideas and creative input to be integrated into the fundamental concept.

In some cases, this can also increase the innovative and representative value of a new building.

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With our expertise and creativity, we help you to create something exceptional together.

Visit one of the most beautiful natural stone showrooms in Germany and enjoy exclusive living concepts in connection with the finest and most beautiful natural stones.

You can see a picture gallery of our halls and lobbies here

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