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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

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Natural stone bathrooms; wellness for the eyes

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As the old saying goes, “the bathroom is the business card of the house”.

Functionality, comfort and homeliness –the design ideas are unlimited. A bathroom from Stächelin is always one of a kind.

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Perfect, elaborate details, such as a one-piece granite shower tray, fine marble wash basin cladding or quartzite bathtub cladding, guarantee an extraordinary overall effect.

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Whether it’s natural stone hotel bathrooms, wellness areas fitted with the finest natural stones or smaller bathrooms in marble or granite – the ambience must be right so that the bathroom feels like home.

From planning to implementing every last detail, we are your ideal partner for natural stone bathrooms.

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Looking for a new bathroom? We present you with countless creative ideas and unparalleled design in our natural stone gallery. Visit us in Efringen-Kirchen in Lörrach district (Germany/France/Switzerland tri-border region).

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Mar 31, 2020
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