Granit-Marmorwerk Stächelin GmbH

The cantilever staircase

Stächelin the competence in processing and assembly

Floors and stairs with exclusive natural stone

Entrance stairs two-family house

The durable solution in natural stone


Entrance stairs and yard entrance

Natural stone the material for many solutions

Staechelin stairs 2

Stairs with block steps

Avorio cream matte sanded

Staechelin staircase layers quartzite Giallo Macaubas 3-64 3x2

Quartzite Giallo Macaubas

The combination of natural stone with wood

Floors and stairs with exclusive natural stone

Steps on steel structure

The light solution for your staircase

Staechelin staircase layers Panna Fragola Brazil 6 3x2

Panna Fragola, Brazil

Staircase designed as block steps


Natural stone and corten steel

The floating staircase