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Modern garden design

Steachelin natural stones Lifestyle 3x2 36

Walls and paths

Natural stone with fracture rough surface


Terrace floors

Modern garden design with natural stone


Swimming pool in Atlantic sSone

Built with natural stone for eternity


Masonry with embossed belts

Exterior with satin finish

Staechelin garden-2426-20

Modern balcony floors

Perfect detail solutions

Staechelin natural stone terraces-124 2x3

Terrace decking in Mystic Grey

Satin finishes

Staechelin gardens

Garden design

Our ideas for your garden design

Gardens with exclusive natural stone

Maggia Gneiss

Poligonal floor panels with frieze

Paths with natural stone Staechelin

Quarry stone masonry

Maggia gneiss for floor and walls

Gardens with exclusive natural stone

Garden plant in flamed granite

Gardens with exclusive natural stone

Fountain system Korden steel natural stone