Granit-Marmorwerk Stächelin GmbH

Private Spa and Wellness


Plunge pool

The special cooling experience



Oval and freestanding bathtubs

Granite marble factory Staechelin modern bath-164 3x4

Wellness for home

Stächelin everything from a single source

Staechelin Wellness 2

Taurus Brazil

Guest toilet with style

Steachelin natural stones Lifestyle 2x1 114


Black and White

Steachelin natural stones Lifestyle 2x1 103

Washbasin column

Bianco Assoluto in ceramic

Baeder natural stone Staechelin-1732-20

Private wellness oasis

Hardly any material is as versatile as natural stone

Steachelin natural stones Lifestyle 1x1 71

Wellness and relaxation at home

Sauna and steam bath with individual shape and design

Steachelin natural stones Lifestyle 4x3 11

Sauna and steam bath

Atlantic Stone


Plunge pool with precious natural stone